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How to opt out

If you’re using Internet Explorer
Click on “Tools” => “Internet Options”. Within the Privacy section move your cursor up to block all cookies or down to enable them. Click on "OK".

If you’re using  Firefox
From your browser click on “Tools”and select “Options”. Click on “Privacy” section and uncheck “enable  Cookies” then click on “OK.”

If you’re using Safari
Click on “Modify” and select “Prerences”. Click on “Privacy” and uncheck “ enable cookies from all websites”

If you’re using Google Chrome
Click on  Chrome Menu and select “Settings”. Click on “Advanced Settings” and then on “Show Advanced Settings”. Withnin the Privacy section click on “ Content  Settings”. Within the “Cookies” section select “ Don’t enable  to save data” and “Block Third party cookies” then click on OK

Third-party cookies are code parts set by a website different than the website you are currently browsing. This involves the transmission of cookies from third parties. Management of information collected from “third parties” is governed by the relative information notices to which we ask you to refer. Please find a list of the "third-parties" cookies we use as it follows:

  • Statistical cookies and third-party audience measurement
    These third-party cookies provide anonymous / aggregated information on how visitors navigate the site
  • Google Analytics

Social media sharing 
Description/Function: Google Analytics is a Google statistic tool that provides useful statistics to improve the browsing of the website without identifying the end of session browser. This third party cookies are use to integrate some data with social media. 
In particular, they allow registration and authentication on the site through Facebook and Google connect, sharing and commenting on social media pages, enabling the "like" functionality on Facebook, the "+1" on G + and the Tweet on Twitter.